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illustrated stories made from the love of the craft and not for market appeal...


Hi! I'm Peter Hertzberg...

It is my hope that, after 50 years, there will be people who, when thinking back to magical and important things from their childhood, will think of a story I've told. That is why I created OMOiOMO, a platform to release my books without unnecessary bureaucracies so that I can spend more time creating and building my skill through experience.

You can find my books in English and Swedish and some in Finnish.

My Books

I tell only the stories that I feel are the most important for me to get out and i try to tell them in the way that I feel is the most moving. You will probably not find the same kind of stories released by mayor publishers, but if you're looking for something different you may have found the place.

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Mina böcker

Jag berättar bara de sagor jag känner att är viktigast för mig att få ut och jag försöker berätta dem på det sättet jag känner att berör starkast. Du kommer förmodligen inte kunna hitta den typen av sagor som ges ut av de stora förlagen, men om du söker efter något annorlunda så kan du ha kommit till rätt plats.

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The Story Forge

I often have problems finding the tools I feel would help me in my work. But instead of accepting the absence I try to create the tools I feel I'm lacking...
If you're curious, I've made some of the tools available here: