The Story of OMOiOMO

You could invest your money into something that destroys the environment or something that'll ruin your health and rot your teeth. Or, you could put your money into supporting an independent illustrator sharing his stories for free to everybody, no matter their economic situation (even if he writes about himself in third person).

What’s OMOiOMO???

Hi, I’m Peter Hertzberg an illustrator and storyteller who started OMOiOMO as a way to independently share my stories with the world, as to be able to focus only on crafting the best story and not worry about if the story will be seen as a commercially viable by others. This as to better improve my skill and build towards my hope that in 50-years, as someone is looking back at their life and think of influential and magical things, one of my stories will come to their mind.

All my stories are available here on the site to read for free or for a price that you feel it's worth. They're also available to download as PDFs for a small price. For those interested in how comics and picture books are made, I'm currently writing a "making of" for each story (and a few have already been released) and they will be/are also available to buy in the stories product pages. If you prefer to read books in physical form, all my books are also sold as print-on-demand via all mayor online bookstores. Just search for the name or ISBN-number (that you can find at the bottom of the product pages here) of the book you want to buy.

And who are you?

Hi, I'm Peter Hertzberg, an illustrator and storyteller with a passion of the craft of visual storytelling!

I'm a thinker/tinkerer in visual storytelling spending most of my time illustrating, making comics and picture books, but I also have a blog where I share essay comics about m craft and things I'm thinking about.

Outside my work I like doing sports, mainly calisthenics and normally also martial arts (I have a blue belt in Judo and Sambo) although I'm currently taking a "sabbatical" from the martial arts training.

I grew up in Jakobstad, Finland and have since lived in Stockholm, Sweden for 13 years where I, among other things, took two 2-year courses in animation and a 1-year course in screenwriting and also worked a bit in animation (commercials and personal projects).

I then moved to Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, Spain for about 6 years. There I got seriously in to illustration, making and publishing my stories as a profession.

Now I'm back in Finland again, this time in Åbo, although I'm hoping to move back to Valle Gran Rey in the future when my responsibilities allow it.

I speak fluently Swedish (I'm a part of the Swedish speaking minority in Finland) and English and roughly Spanish and Finnish.

Get in Contact

If you want to get in contact with me with a question or comment on my work, or if you have a project you would like to collaborate on, please don't hesitate to write me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!


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The Story of OMOiOMO