Conjuring comics and illustrated stories from the love of the craft and not for market appeal...

I created OMOiOMO as a platform from where I could release the stories I feel the most passionate to tell and tell them in the way I feel is the most moving, without having to worry about if a big mainstream publisher will find them commercially viable.... 

Peter Hertzberg
storyteller, illustrator & creator of OMOiOMO


Peter Hertzberg

Storyteller, illustrator and creator of OMOiOMO!

And who are you?

My name is Peter Hertzberg and who am I?

I am a magician...

... an alchemist transforming the grey reality in to colorful future through a mixture of images, sounds & words

... an illusionist conjuring dreamworlds full of adventures of conquering the dragons we all carry inside

Some say I am foolish for what I sacrifice while striving for my dreams. Still, my discipline burns with a fire only outshone by my passion to improve my craft, because I believe the only true fools are the people who do not live for their dreams.

You can find my personal website here:

What's this OMOiOMO thing?

A one person publishing house...

I create illustrated stories, some adaptions of classics but most originals, and release about one 36-page picturebook or comic book per month. I also make my stories available as collections of 4 stories each and end of year compilations of all the stories released that year.

Can you tell me why I should buy your books?

To be honest, you probably shouldn't...

Not knowing you personally, I can only answer assuming you’re an average person, in which case: You should not buy my books! Why?

My books aren’t what you see filling up the shelves at book stores as “safe-bets” for selling. I take risks with my work.

My books don’t have the cheapest prices and don’t participate in the race to the bottom, trying to appeal with low prices rather than quality content.

My books don’t have a design chosen based on what an editor thinks will sell. The design of my books are based on what I feel will convey the story the strongest.

My books aren’t made to appeal to the larger mass, so they aren’t, and will probably never be, on any top seller lists. If you like to have others tell you what you should like, my books aren’t for you.

In short, you probably shouldn’t buy my books. Instead go buy something average.

Why did you create OMOiOMO?

Because I had to...

They've helped me during hard times, but also given me problems with daydreaming in class and at work. No matter the situation stories have always been probably the most important thing in my life. Something I just can't manage to be without.

I want to tell stories, many stories, and share them with the world. It is my hope that, after 50 years, there will be people who, when thinking back to magical and important things from their childhood, that they will think of a story I've told. To achieve this I need to tell many stories, to increase my experience and skill level.

This is why I started OMOiOMO.

OMOiOMO allows me to tell the stories that I feel are the most important, and to tell them in the way I feel is the most moving, without having to worry about how they will be perceived by publishers and the industry. It allows me to work in different styles and techniques to challenge myself as an artist and push myself to get better rather than having to have a "personal style" that's commercial.

Anything more you'd like tell me about?

Well, there's iLiACA...

Outside of OMOiOMO I also create posters, workbooks and journals made for visual storytellers, makers and doers to help them manage their work and find more focus in the creative process. Why? Because I believe that focus is the most valuable asset in our work.

Quality = Skill x Focus

Skill = Experience x Focus

Focus = The base factor in being able to create quality of a level that can create the ruckus with which we can carve our own little dent in history...

If you're curious you can find out more at

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